How to Juice a Lemon and Other Citrus

Wondering the way to juice a lemon so that you get each closing drop? Here are 10 tried-and-proper tricks for maximizing the amount of juice you're capable of get out of citrus fruit—no juicer required.

1. Choose a Heavy, Soft Lemon

Getting the maximum juice from a lemon starts on the supermarket. When you choose your lemon (or any citrus fruit), look for one that could be a bit gentle—now not squishy, however tender to touch, indicating the fruit is already juicy. Also, observe the burden of the lemon—in case you grab  lemons of the precise same size, the only this is heavier can have extra juice internal. Typically, Meyer lemons have the most juice. Fino, lapithkiotiki, and primofiori lemons are also juicy sorts.

2. Store Your Lemons inside the Freezer

When you freeze citrus, the juice will amplify and wreck the mobile partitions, making the thawed lemon softer and as a result easier to squeeze.

3. Microwave the Lemon

If you maintain citrus in the fridge, it is able to harden up and be a little extra hard to squeeze by hand. Throwing a lemon or lime within the microwave for 20 seconds warms the fruit, making it softer and easier to squeeze. If the citrus is frozen, microwave it for 30 seconds.

4. Loosen the Lemon with a Rolling Pin

On your counter or a cutting board, press and roll the citrus from side to side like you would with a rolling pin. The rolling loosens and breaks down a number of the citrus membranes and makes the outdoor a bit more pliable (see: easy to squeeze).

5. Stab the Lemon Repeatedly with a Knife

Sounds a touch psycho, however stabbing your citrus all over with a knife earlier than squeezing may additionally assist you extract more juice. Because while you stab your fruit first, then halve it and squeeze like normal, the previously impenetrable peel will all at once be complete of holes that juice can get away via.

6. And/Or Peel the Lemon

You notion jabbing became extreme? Try completely peeling your fruit, then squeezing it. Yes, this could get messy (wear gloves, and squeeze over a strainer to catch bits of fruit), however with no peel to keep everything intact, you will have citrus juice for days.

7. Cut Across the Length of the Lemon Rather Than the Width

If you move the much less messy path and hold the peel intact, be aware of how you narrow the fruit. When you cut your lemon, reduce throughout the length of the lemon in place of the width to yield barely extra juice.

8. Fork the Lemon

A citrus reamer works nicely for juicing lemons, but it's one of those tools that no longer each kitchen has. Fortunately, it is able to without difficulty be replaced with some thing a bit greater universally available, like a fork. The tines on the fork can puncture the citrus membranes, whilst the bent form can work with the curve of the fruit. After slicing the fruit in 1/2, do an initial squeeze to extract a bit juice, then stick the fork in and twist at the same time as persevering with to squeeze to extract the last drops. Do this over a strainer to keep seeds and pulp at bay.

9. Use a Hand-Held Juice Press (the Right Way)

Obviously, a hand-held juice press (additionally referred to as a Mexican citrus press) has one feature: to juice citrus fruit. But there's a right manner and a wrong manner to apply a hand held press. Here's the nice way to do it: After reducing your lemon in half period-smart, take the more step of slicing the pointed ends off the lemon. With much less skin and material in its manner, you'll be in a position press out extra juice. Furthermore, when you insert the lemon into the tool, the skin aspect need to be dealing with you and the cut facet need to be facing down in the direction of the holes. From there, just press and voilĂ !

10. Alternatively, Repurpose Your Mixer Beater

Don't have a juice press accessible? That's k. Here's some other creative answer for how to juice a lemon without a juicer: repurpose the beater from your handheld mixer. Stick the pinnacle of the beater in fruit, press it in, after which twist the beater back and forth to deliver out the juice. As with a fork, you can try this over a strainer to hold seeds out of your juice.

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