Make a Pumpkin Martini With Your Own Homemade Pumpkin Vodka

Make a Pumpkin Martini With Your Own Homemade Pumpkin Vodka

Pumpkin vodka to your pumpkin martini recipe?  Why not we have a lemon, apple, and chocolate vodka why not pumpkin vodka?  This is something that you may want to create for Thanksgiving or Halloween - but naturally, you are not restricted to this year.

You can make it on a month beforehand if you are contemplating it for Halloween - since you are able to get new pumpkins or you could use canned pumpkin.  Personally, if I will make something similar to this, I would like to do it correctly and use the actual thing - also, it is a great way to consume this pumpkin flesh as soon as you've ditched your Halloween pumpkin.

Here is what we're going to have to make our own exceptional and very unique pumpkin-flavored vodka.  To begin with, we are in need of a good-sized sealable glass jar - the type that those significant dill pickles come in is simply ideal.  Or visit Wal-Mart and purchase one with a spigot - more suitable for individual tasting sessions afterward.  Do not use plastic - it imparts a taste, and we are purists here, right?  Ensure that the lid and jar have been freshly washed, rinsed thoroughly and dried since we do not want a pickle-flavored vodka.

Two great healthy-sized cups of pumpkin seeds, minus the seeds, woody pieces, and some additional pumpkin guts - we want just the meat of this monster.  Spoon it to the glass jar and include another,

- 2 tbsp cinnamon;
- just one tablespoon of peppermint - so Far Better If You're Able to grate it
- 1 tbsp of brown sugar.

Now for the magic part.
Vodka!  Let us pause a minute here - there's vodka, and then there's Vodka.  You can purchase a massive jar of the stuff out of the regional grog shop where you will find it at the bottom plate.  But hey - we are purist here, why are not we?  Get the pricier material in the top shelf since the best is good enough for us.  Recall what the Buddhist monks state - that the top is better.   And talking of taste, you could look at using vanilla-flavored vodka to get a little sweetness.

We pour the whole bottle to the glass jar, covering each of the goodies and give it a small shake-up.
(Incidentally, if you would like to create more than 1 jar - only double or triple the other components to fit ).

The more our pumpkin/vodka extract sits at the darkened, the greater it's going to be a month isn't too long.   Do not worry - some snorts won't destroy the batch - just do not proceed bike-riding afterward.

When the extract has met, our high standards, we could set about faking it.  You can achieve it via a wire strainer lined with cheesecloth or despite a coffee filter - but run it twice to be certain no pumpkin pulp stays - but only imagine the pumpkin pie you can produce with this vodka-sodden pulp!  Remember - do not waste anything.

Meanwhile, we've made pumpkin-flavored vodka.

Now what?
How about creating a few cocktails using those pumpkin martini ingredients?  Get out the mart eyeglasses and place them in the freezer for a couple of minutes - we want them cold.  These numbers will end in four yummy autumn pumpkin martinis that you might share with others should you desire.

6 oz Pumpkin Vodka
6 oz half and half cream
2 tbsp of brown sugar

Dip the rims of the glasses into a pumpkin vodka then into ground cinnamon that you have blended with a little sugar.  Subsequently - pour a number of this incredibly awesome nectar of the gods into every glass and then include a few sprinkles of pumpkin pie spice.  That is so great, it needs to be illegal!

1 Oz of Pumpkin Vodka
2 oz Irish cream liqueur
2 oz butterscotch schnapps

Shake up it with crushed ice and strain into your formerly well-chilled martini glasses.  People - there is six ounces of booze in this, so definitely do not ride your bicycle.  To create 1 carrot cake martini, utilize half an oz of every ingredient.

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